“Blues is boring music by boring old people (for boring old people)!!“ - a common prejudice you often can meet but never has been true in any way! Blues musicians have more to be considered as story-tellers, and their stories from Chicago, New Orleans or from the cradle of The Blues, the Mississippi Delta, are at least as fascinating as life itself.


The many faces of Blues music have much in store for everybody whose musical aspirations can't be covered by the usual radio-offered stuff. Beside the acoustic played guitar or piano Blues the offer ranges from Blues rock, electric Memphis or Chicago Blues and Big Bands (B.B. King!) to the stomping Boogie setting pianos and guitars on fire.

No wonder: also Rock 'n' Roll is a “baby of The Blues“ (Muddy Waters).


The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, two of the best live acts who ever entered a stage, are Rhythm and Blues based bands and stuck on it during their whole career. The former Rolling Stones bassman, Bill Wyman, founded a fabulous band in 1998, playing a groovy mix of Boogie, Blues, and Rock. His former band buddy and Jazz lover Charlie Watts also passionates about the same with his Boogie Woogie Band beside the Stones.


“But the best bands and musicians do play in the USA and England, they never would come to Austria!“


Far from it! Thanks to some hosts and people Austria is included in those countries which are frequented by exquisite Blues musicians from all over the world. Moreover – there is a phantastic lot of amazing artists in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, too! Annually lots of excellent Blues Festivals are taking place, especially in Germany and Switzerland, whose quality is unquestioned (see also the "blues calendar"!).


It's basically up to us, the “bluesfans“, to keep this level high – what can be assured by joining the Blues concerts and buying the CDs. But be careful - Blues might become a dependence - this site is a very good example for.


“bluesfan“ wants to give information, to tell road stories and much more on this website, the big spotlight shall be to promote The Blues and it's protagonists. I want to give my biggest thanks to everybody for his contribution and feedback in order to create an effective Blues-Network!  “bluesfan's“ contents are consciously not kept too tight, also Classic and Blues-rooted Rock fans are very welcome.


To Blues musicians, managers, and bands: we always are willing to listen to your concert- and tour ideas or CDs to be presented on this website - just let us know or send the CD.


Your “bluesfan“ Andy